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CAO Brazilia Goal Cigars Box of 20


The world of luxury is contained inside of each meticulously crafted CAO Brazilia Premium Cigar, featuring five long years of preparation and experimentation that went into this incredible concoction. This particular iteration is a true celebration of contemporary art, featuring a resplendent design that is not only aesthetically appealing but also genius by design. Each of luxurious smoke sticks boasts a smart blueprint, endowed with edges and curves that are optimized to extend not only the duration of the smoke by providing the smoker with a steady burning experience but also a body that evinces its inherent flavors without any suppression. The long fillers, which comprise the belly of each of these premium cigars contain Nicaraguan leaves of the highest quality. With each puff, your senses are destined to immerse themselves into floral notes, underpinned by hints of earthy nuts and toast. Unlike many other types of lineups, the Brazilia bestows upon the smoker an opportunity to have a proper, full bodied experience from start to finish. Allow your palate to buckle up and prepare for the ride!

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