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Cuban Rejects Robusto Connecticut Cigars Box of 50


Ventura Cigar Company now features top notch Cuban Rejects Robusto Connecticut Cigars straight from the factory. Rejected due to overly harsh aesthetic protocols, these goodies were declined due to the most miniscule complications involving their looks. What the customer may not even notice due to appearance may still save him a lot of money, featuring the same great taste and savor as their accepted siblings. Cloaked in a gorgeous Connecticut Wrapper, each of these smoke sticks promotes a consistent burn upon ignition and a simple draw upon every pull. With the best of the best Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos on the inside, you can now expect a palatable smoking session that is hard to eclipse. This listing features the Cuban Rejects Robusto Connecticut Cigars Box of 50, perfect for a long term preservation of freshness and quality.

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