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Cuban Rejects Toro Connecticut Cigars Box of 50


Rolled by hand in Nicaragua, the Cuban Rejects Connecticut Cigars are synthesized with a wrapper, long filler and a binder that has been grown to perfect in the fertile lands of Honduras. The Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade Wrapper that envelops these smoke sticks augments its flavor profile by adding to the already impeccable US ingredients found inherent in the recipe. Rejected from their factory lineup for not satisfying their protocols by 100%, each of these products may be subject to a 1% deviation from aesthetic formalities. This means that the taste and flavor offer zero compromises and the smoker may not even notice the miniscule aesthetic blemishes. Medium bodied in their strength profile, these masterpieces make their innate flavor known without overpowering the palate. This listing features the Cuban Rejects Toro Connecticut Cigars Box of 50, built to render long term flavor and taste preservation.

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