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Cuban Rejects Toro Gordo Cigars Box of 50


Relish in the delectable Cuban Rejects Toro Gordo Cigars, made possible by the revered Ventura Cigar Company. Rolled by hand in the esteemed lands of Nicaragua, each of these smoke sticks have been declined from the factory due to minor aesthetic blemishes. Without offering any compromises on the taste or general smoking quality, these products feature the same great experience provided by their accepted siblings. Mild in their strength profile, these smoke sticks tread lightly on the senses whilst divulging the bouquet of delicious flavors provided by authentic tobacco plants. Devoid of any other artificial flavors, these products deliver a top notch quality with every inhalation. Perfectly constructed, you can now anticipate a level-headed draw and a consistent burning experience with every ignition. This listing features the Cuban Rejects Toro Gordo Cigars Box of 50, built to preserve the integrity and freshness of the products that lie within.

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