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Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Platinum 5 Packs of 20


When you research the Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Platinum, you quickly learn that they are comprised of splendidly blended long filler tobacco leaves that have been ripened to a state of perfection in the Dominicas. Veneered in a premium brown Ecuadorian wrapper leaf, these cigarillos are seamlessly finished, allowing for a consistent burn. Mild in strength yet creamy to the taste, this Davidoff product boasts a lighter smoking experience that doesn't leave anything out in the department of flavor delivery. Allowing for a creamy smoke, these short Cigarillos boast a size of 3.43 inches with a ring gauge of 22. With a great construction and draw, these Davidoffs are rather sturdy for their complexion; this allows them to preserve quality and freshness over prolonged periods of time.

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