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Deadwood Crazy Alice Cigars Box of 10


After your first puff, we guarantee that you will go crazy over Alice. The Deadwood Crazy Alice Cigars are the medium to full bodied goodness that you've been yearning for this whole time. This Caribbean goodness is made from the finest Nicaraguan long filler tobacco, crafted professionally for the premium cigar aficionado. Dark brown on the veneer, Deadwood crafted these masterpieces to be elegantly smooth from top to bottom. Allowing for a steadfast smoking experience, you can expect only the best quality from sparking these goodies up. The Maduro Wrapper that ensconces these cigars allows for a sweet, sugary taste that embraces the lips like a warm hug. The smoothness of each of these sticks is absolutely unparalleled. This listing features a box of 10, properly packaged for integrity and freshness preservation.

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