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Don Tomas Maduro Presidente Cigars Box of 25


Made with a true central american spirit, cigars from this family offer a rich taste that tantalizes the senses and swathes them with many flavors that go very well with each other. Stuffed with long filler tobaccos that were exclusively sun grown on fertile plantations in Nicaragua and Honduras, cigars from the Don Tom√°s Maduro family offer a sweet, rich flavor due to a Connecticut Maduro binder. Wrapped in a hearty Connecticut Broadleaf, these creamy cigars treat the senses just right, without overpowering them. Silky to the sense of touch, these cigars are balanced to the taste and sweet to the sense of smell - a combination that is just right for the rendering of a cigar that emulates the idea of perfection in the mind of the premium cigar aficionado. With a slow and consistent burn, these cigars will offer a smoke that is hard to match by any other brand.

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