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Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco


A little change in your smoking routine won't hurt you. The Good Stuff Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz bags are designed to appease your senses in such a way, where you can keep smoking their contents for many years on end and never get tired of them. What's great about this product is that unlike its competition, this delicatessen sponsors a full flavored smoke without any compromises on the strength of taste. Diced into even proportions in order to ensure smoking consistency, you can now enjoy your favorite tobacco from any pipe or roll your own alike. Stuffed into re-sealable 16oz packages, Good Stuff has appropriated their genius engineering for their packages in order to preserve the integrity of their contents. That means that you can smoke your favorite pipe tobacco for very long periods of time without having to worry about a depreciation in its quality. Buy twelve of these bags now and save 10%.

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