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Kentucky Fire Cured Chunky (Corona) Cigars Bundle of 10


So, you want to feel the spirit of the fire cured essence? Consider smoking on the finest premium product that renders flavors of oak, hickory and the illustrious Kentucky Burley tobaccos upon every inhalation. The Kentucky Fire Cured Chunky Corona Cigars epitomize the fairy tales involving smoking, offering the senses the ultimate treat in a nutshell. Allowing for a medium bodied smoking sensation, each of these smoke sticks never overpower the senses and over treat them with optimal gentleness. Made in Nicaragua, these products are made from the finest and ripest tobacco leaves available on the market nowadays. This listing features an exquisite bundle of 10, for you will surely never get enough with them! Each of these cigars assume the popular Corona shape that has won many awards over the years.

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