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Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly (Robusto) Cigars Bundle of 10


Let Drew Estate speak to your soul by bestowing upon you the gift of the premium Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly Robusto Cigars. Each smoke stick gives off a combination of the finest flavors of oak, hickory and a sweet, succulent Kentucky Burley tobaccos with every single puff. So why wait any longer? Allow the medium bodied strength profile to caress your senses with optimal respect and love, featuring a comforting flavor delivery that never overpowers or exhausts the palate. The Fat Molly is sized at 5x56 and is crafted to perfectly embrace the lips every time they dare to swathe the masterpiece. This listing contains a bundle of 10 cigars that assume the world renowned Robusto shape. If you're looking for the ultimate perfection in the world of smoking, look no further and make that purchase of your dreams!

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