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Liga Undercrown Shade Gordito Cigars Box of 25


Relish in the luxurious experience of smoking on the Liga Undercrown Shade Cigars. Everything about this product screams premium, for it is the epitome of perfection when it comes to the medium bodied smoke. Many people yearn for this product because it reminds them of an elegant, earthy breakfast. Upon igniting these sticks, one is apt to experience flavors of sweet cream, toast and nuts; this combination supersedes anything you'll ever get from your favorite cereal! As you continue to puff on these masterpieces, you will notice the onset of spicy hints and honeyed undertones. Your whole breakfast in one smoke manifests itself throughout the entire session; all you have to do is bring a lit match up to the smoke stick and the magic commences to happen. Veneered in an illustrious Ecuadorian Connecticut Wrapper, these products boast a light brown finish that is smooth to the touch and appealing to the sight!

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