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Macanudo Cru Royale Toro Cigars Box of 20


Macanudo has exclusively derived a perfect formula for the creation of a truly one of a kind medium bodied smoke with its incredible combination of a variety of palatable tobaccos. Comprised of long filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, each of these cigars presents itself as a perfectly seamless product that is carefully encompassed by a robust Habano wrapper. With an incredibly consistent burn, each cigar from the Cru family has a very easy draw and smooth finish. With hints of Earthy spices and honey, this product will always deliver a consistent quality that is sure to please the senses every single time. With tobacco leaves from Brazil, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic cigars from this family are comprised of leaves from three areas where the tobacco plants experience the best climate for growth. These aromatic cigars are very rich and creamy, so they will deliver a smoke that will tantalize the smoker's senses all the way to the finish!

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