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Macanudo Inspirado Orange Churchill Box of 20


Enter a world of exclusively pungent and fruity sensations, where each flavor is perfectly crafted to emulate the fruit it is designed to replace. Here, the Macanudo Inspirado Orange Premium Cigars are the perfect epitome of bringing together different technologies in order to yield a perfect fruity flavor combination that will appease your senses with every inhalation. These goodies debuted back in 2014 in Europe, ending up as a global success story. So, what makes them so special? Allow us to start with the luscious Honduran wrapper, an impeccable cloaking material that boasts a smooth, elegant veneer. Secondly, we have an invaluable Honduran binder that allows for the sturdiness of the construction to be properly effectuated when it comes to the blueprint of the smoke stick itself. On the inside, you'll find a friend amalgamation of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Honduran long filler tobacco leaves, which have been cultivated under ideal climatic conditions. With a medium to full bodied strength profile, you can expect these products to pronounce their flavor intensity in the most proper of ways without overpowering the senses.

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