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Macanudo Inspirado White Churchill Box of 20


Let's talk a little about the extraordinary side of the smoking world. What we have here is a combination of the finest, most legendary components in order to deliver an unforgettable flavor profile with every inhalation. First of all, let's commence the discussion regarding what lies on the inside of ever Inspirado White. Deep within lies a combination of flavorful Nicaraguan and Mexican San Andres long filler leaves that have been exclusively aged for four years. Covering those leaves is a satiny Ecuadorian Connecticut Wrapper, aged for six years for the purposes of flavor augmentation. As you take your initial drag, your palate will be encased in hints of earthy spices, underpinned by gentle creaminess on the finish. The strength profile of each of these premium smoke sticks is mild to medium, promoting a gentle flavor that never overpowers the palate but always makes itself pronounced. This premium product is for any party looking to appease their palates in ways they have never before thought were conceivable.

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