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Macanudo Hampton Court Tube Maduro Cigars Box of 25


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If you prefer a classic taste that will remind you of the olden times, the Macanudo Hampton Court is the choice for you. These premium cigars provide a mild profile, so they are relatively easy on the senses. With a slow burn these cigars provide a soothing experience, for they are very smooth from the start to the finish of the smoke. Undertones of sweet chocolate and cocoa will suffice to leave a great impression upon your senses, for the smoke will be very rich and the after-taste will be sumptuously buttery. With long filler tobaccos that were exclusively grown in the Dominican Republic and Mexico, Macanudo has accomplished to concoct a taste that offers the perfect amount of combined creaminess and flavor. Bound by a binder that is comprised of sun grown Mexican tobacco leaves, cigars from the Hampton Court have a solid, seamless construction.

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