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Mexican Segundos No. 35 Natural Cigars Bundle of 20


Domestic Size: 6.25 x 42 Churchill

The secret of this smooth tasting, flavorful, yet mild cigar is the outside wrapper leaf. Grown in the world renowned San Andres region of Mexico, this is the same wrapper leaf used on famous imported Mexican cigars that sell for up to $2.00 each in finer smoke-shops around the world.

Into this select San Andres wrapper is rolled a special "master blend" of hand-selected, aged filler tobaccos grown in Santo Domingo, Brazil, Colombia, Honduras and African Cameroon.

The reason Mexican Segundos are so reasonably priced is twofold. First, expensive Mexican imports require "even color" wrapper leaf tobacco to help justify their high prices. Leaves with the slightest discoloration, while having no effect on the great taste, are not used. This is the wrapper tobacco selected for Mexican Segundos -- the same San Andres tobacco, purchased at a lower cost, with the savings passed on to you.

Secondly, packaging these great cigars in cellophane bundles makes costly cigar boxes unnecessary, and again the savings are passed on to you.

Mexican Segundos will provide you with some of the finest smoking pleasure ever derived from any cigar, at any price -- undoubtedly, one of the great cigar values on the market today.
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