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OHM Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 20


The OHM Red (Full Flavored) Filtered Cigars have been engineered for the brave hearted; the smokers that tend to prefer a stronger experience, one that inundates their senses in an underworld of bold flavors. This non aromatic goodness delivers an explosive rush of full flavor without leaving anything behind. The only product in its class that renders a full bodied smoke, these cigars epitomize aesthetic perfection due to the gorgeously crafted homogenized wrapper leaf that swathes fully ripened short filler tobaccos, which comprise the interior of each smoke stick. Fit with a filter that expunges any unwanted byproducts of tobacco smoke, each of these sticks are optimized to proffer a clean smoke upon every inhalation. Packaged away into 10 packs that preserve their aesthetic integrity and quality, each pack contains 20 smoke sticks.

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