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Quorum Shade Corona Cigars Bundle of 20


Made in Nicaragua by the J.C. Newman Company, the Quorum Shade Cigars are an alluring lineup of Quorum's finest products that gloat over their veneer that is comprised of the Ecuador Connecticut Wrapper. Light brown in color, the satiny texture of these beauties is sponsored by a seamless finish that allows for a smooth and slow burn. Backed by a binder and filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, these cigars are shaped by their peculiar flavor- a flavor that emulates the taste of honey that comes from thousands of hard working bees. Slightly milder than other products from among the family, these products render a medium bodied smoke that treats the senses with a warm embrace. The shade grown wrapper that comprises these legendary masterpieces had been especially treated with the tropical climate of Nicaragua- one that has been profoundly infused the tobacco plants with vital nutrients in order to promote growth and rapid ripening. Made from olden recipes, these beauties have definitely withstood the tests of time.

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