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Quorum Shade Short Robusto Cigars Bundle of 20


Enter into a world of sweet clover honey, a place where every puff is sensually tantalizing and every ignition yields a draw so smooth that only other elite competitors among the market can rival. Enter into a world of Quorum Shade Short Cigars, those that proffer a brief smoke that is designed to appease you during your time of leisure with their mild to medium bodied nature and smooth burning texture. Veneered in an elegant Ecuador Connecticut Wrapper, these masterpieces are bound by an exquisite Nicaraguan binder that holds in place the appetizing filler tobaccos that comprise the majority of the cigar itself. Thanks to a silky texture, the seamless finish allows for a buttery feel to the fingers every time they engage in a luscious embrace of the product. Manufactured by the J.C. Newman Company, this charming lineup of Quorums is produced to appease the pickiest of all consumers on the market thanks to their comprising tobacco constituents that are rolled from leaves that have received an ample amount of sunlight, rainfall and humidity during their span of growth.

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