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Smoker's Best Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 20


Choose a smoke out of a filtered cigar that comes from a company that sets its standards above their competition. Made of truly aged tobacco that comprises each cigar, this product is topped off with a filtered tip that suffices to purify the tobacco smoke that you inhale. Rolled with a natural wrapper, these cigars successfully eliminate much of the artificial ingredients that comprise cigarettes. Each of these Smokers Best cigars burn very smoothly and slowly when ignited, for besides the outer coating binder and wrapper aren't the only ingredients that facilitate a steady smoking experience. The pipe tobacco that fills these cigars is slow burning in itself, offering you the ability to experience smooth-burning flavor without overpowering your senses due to the filtered cigars' mild strength. Each of these cigars come packaged in 10 packs of 20.

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